How to choose a work from home (WFH) scent?

With the new normal of remote working and WFH, how do we choose a WFH scent to match our working style?

Scents Affects Everyone

Scent has an effect on all of us, making us feel relaxed or perked up according to the scent you use. In order to get the maximum scent effect, avoid using the same scent all day and throughout the house. Instead, use room scents intermittently rather than throughout the day to avoid scent fatigue.

Creating a High Powered Work Ambience

To increase productivity and create a more efficient and high powered work ambience, choose scents with a sharper woody undertone like Sandalwood, Cedar and Cypress, these scents will help evoke a more ‘high powered’ corporate working ambience and making you feel more focused and on top of your game while working from home.

Keeping Calm and Perky

Citrus scents that have notes that are zesty and fresh, like bergamot, lemon, orange and lemongrass are the common work day favourites! These scents help keep us feeling calm, perky, and a little less uptight while working from home.

Scents can bring us places

Our brain remembers the scents we smell and how it makes us feel. and is intricately linked to our minds, a smell can instantly transport a person back to a place, bringing us on a truly memorable sensorial experience, that only belong to each one of us. The scent of a hotel lobby can evoke holiday memories and makes us feel like we are on a holiday. The same way cinnamon and pines scents reminds of Christmas. So, use scents to bring you to your happiest memories and places.

Same Room but Different

Using different scents for each task withing a day, can help us feel differently even if they are all happening within the same room. Different scents evoke different feelings and ambience, using a different scent for each task creates a sense of ritual, punctuating the start and stop the task. One scent for work, another for workouts and one to help relax. Try it!

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